open house 2022

On Sunday, July 10, 2022, we welcomed guests from the local community and beyond to our annual dieDAS Open House. We met for conversations, special tours, and programming, including talks by art historian Prof. Hans-Rudolf Meier on the life and legacy of Paul Schultze-Naumburg, the cultural scientists and historians Dr. Rainer Schmitz and Johanna Söhningen on the Academy’s new media station and dieDAS Founding Director Arne Cornelius Wasmuth on reclaiming the site of the Saalecker Werkstätten as a place of inspiration, knowledge and learning.

Arne C. Wasmuth & Egidio Marzona

Arne C. Wasmuth & Guests

Elke Simon Kuch, Arne C. Wasmuth, Ute Freund, Tatjana Sprick, Hans Albrecht Zieger

Guests attending the Open House

Hans Albrecht Zieger, Winzervereinigung-Freyburg & Tatjana Sprick

Johanna Söhnigen & Mediastation

Lecture Arne C. Wasmuth

Lecture Prof. Dr. Meier

Nick Beissengroll, Dorte Mandrup Architects & Arne C. Wasmuth

Open House 2022 

Board Members Egidio Marzona, Arne C. Wasmuth & Andreas Silbersack

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