dieDAS fellowship program 2022

Designing Metabolic Relations

As we approach the summertime launch of the2022 dieDAS Fellowship Program, and prepare to welcome our latest cohort of fellows, we’re thrilled to share the focus of our upcoming Fellowship Program: Designing Metabolic Relations.

This year’s theme, conceived by dieDAS Artistic Director Maurizio Montalti, builds on past years’ programs and invites our fellows to move beyond popular, often surfacelevel notions of sustainability to investigate highly focused, regenerative design solutions—namely, the transformative nature of metabolic processes.

Metabolism is the continued flow of biochemical reactions and energy that animate living systems, allowing them to reincorporate organic matter into living webs of exchange. Inspired by the beautiful and ingenious interdependence of living systems, our program will embrace a multi-species approach in which deeply entangled bodies, both visible and invisible, cohabit and support one another.

Through both theoretical and practical hands-on experimentation— including expert lectures, excursions into the surrounding region, and onsite work with mycelium-based materials and techniques — the dieDAS fellows will investigate the impact of metabolic processes on our relationships to one another and our surroundings, as well as possible new paths for restoring, nurturing, and generating flourishing conditions for ecosystems, economies, and living agents.

Using the lens of regenerative design, the dieDAS 2022 Fellowship Program will function as a space for critical, creative production, encouraging fellows to actively engage in questioning dominant narratives and traditional practices through the collision of ideas, concepts, and techniques.