walk + talk
2023 program

At the dieDas walk + talk summit 2023 (September 1-3, 2023), we welcomed high-profile guests to reflect on this year's theme "Monumental Affairs_Living with Contested Spaces" together with our scholarship holders in Saaleck.

Together we delved into the complex history of monuments and their entwinement with urgent global challenges surrounding social interconnection, equitable inclusivity, decolonization, transformative activism, tactical urbanism, and regenerative design solutions. Key questions include: Who determines which sites become monuments, and how can we utilize the public sphere to dismantle problematic canons and the legacy of unjust histories?

Moderated by curator and writer Dr. Mahret Ifeoma Kupka (Frankfurt), the 2023 program will feature workshops, guided tours, and conversations with visionary contributors, including:

  • Germane Barnes, Architect, Assistant Professor and Director of Community Housing & Identity Lab at the University of Miami School of Architecture, and dieDAS Artistic Director 2023-2024 (Miami)
  • Bryan Lee, Jr,: Architect, Design Justice Advocate, and Founder-Director of Colloqate Design (New Orleans)
  • Ravi Naidoo, Founder of Interactive Africa and Design Indaba (Cape Town)
  • Meriem Chabani, Architect, Urban Planner, Lecturer, and Founding Partner at New South (Paris)
  • Dr. Matthias Quent, Professor of Sociology at Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal, Director of Institut für Demokratie und Zivilgesellschaft, and Researcher on Right-Wing Extremism (Berlin)
  • Marie-Louise Høstbo, Creative Director at Fritz Hansen, Architect MAAA thanks to the Royal Danish Embassy
  • Karl Monies, Artist & Designer and Creative Director at Monies A/S thanks to the Royal Danish Embassy

Our sincerest thanks to all this year’s participants and collaborators!

Funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation