walk + talk
2022 program

For the 2022 dieDAS walk + talk summit, we welcomed esteemed guests to join our fellows in Saaleck to collectively reflect on the coexistence of humans and nature. Embracing this year’s theme, “Designing Metabolic Relations,” we delved deep into the concept of interconnectivity in light of our shared, urgent global challenges, moving beyond superficial concepts of sustainability to consider regenerative design solutions and the transformational nature of metabolic processes.

Moderated by design critic and author Alice Rawsthorn, the 2022 program featured workshops, guided tours, and visits and conversations with an esteemed set of contributors, including:

  • Lars Johan Almgren of architecture studio Dorte Mandrup, Copenhagen
  • Maurizio Montalti, designer and dieDAS Artistic Director 2020-2022, Amsterdam
  • Prof. Ronald Rael, architect, activist and professor at College of Environmental Design, Berkeley
  • Marcin Rusak, designer, Warsaw
  • Henry Michael Stephens of Snøhetta Architects, Oslo
  • Julia Watson, designer, activist and author, New York

Ignant Productions

Additionally, during the summit, the dieDAS 2022 fellows presented in/un becoming, an exhibition showcasing the results of their two-week collaborative on-site workshop, with a focus on concepts such as ephemerality and transformation and reflections on the function and agency of metabolic processes. The exhibition was held at the historic site of the Saalecker Werkstaetten; following the summit, the exhibition went on to be presented at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

“Collectively we came to a shared understanding that metabolism is the choreographer of life, and we humans are simply one dancer among many.”
—Nico Alexandroff, London, 2022 Fellow

This year’s walk+talk summit was presented with the generous support of Artek, Dr. Hauschka, Winzervereinigung Freyburg Unstrut, and Auto Center Chemnitz.

Our sincerest thanks to all this year’s participants and collaborators!