dieDAS Fellowship Program 2021

Symbiotic Habitat

The 2021 dieDAS Fellowship Program will take place at our campus in Saaleck from July 25-August 7, 2021.

Chosen by the prestigious dieDAS selection committee, a small group of practitioners will be invited to participate as fellows in the summer program under the direction of Artistic Director Maurizio Montalti supported by Head Mentor Eugenia Morpurgo. The curriculum will be built upon the participation of selected lecturers and mentors and animated by critical debates as well as excursions into the surrounding region. It will involve both theoretical and practical hands-on experimentation—including a site-specific collaborative building project using mycelium, a regenerative biomaterial.

Together, under the 2021 theme of “Symbiotic Habitat,” we will study and challenge existing anthropocentric perspectives, confronting the ambiguous notion of nature as it relates to current ecological, economical, technological, social, and political developments. The program will explore opportunities that favor integration between the natural and the manmade, thus possibly revealing their inherent coexistence beyond any form of ruthless domestication. By using materiality and a multidisciplinary approach to design as tools for investigating a sustainably integrated future, the dieDAS 2021 Fellowship will serve as a space for critical, creative production that encourages fellows to actively engage in questioning dominant narratives and traditional practices through the collision of ideas, perspectives, and techniques.

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Pollyanna Moss, Daniel Tish, Carolina Pacheco, Zeno Franchini

Pollyanna Moss and Daniel Tish

Willow Weaving / Danie Tish, Carolina Pacheco, Pollyanna Moss, Zeno Franchini

Willow Weaving

Daniel Tish, Zeno Franchini, Carolina Pacheco , Pollyanna Moss with artistic director Maurizio Montalti and head mentor Eugenia Morpurgo

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